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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Voodoo and More

After the market closed today, I was listening to a financial broadcast in the car while doing some errands. I pulled up behind another car at a stoplight while the announcer was talking about the gold and silver market. Just as I came to a stop, he mentioned SLV, the silver ETF. The license plate of the car in front of me? 105 SLV.

So, not only are there 95% bulls in the silver market according to the Daily Sentiment Index, but apparently the DMV is getting into the act too. While these bulls probably assume that silver will go to 105, I can only wonder: what if SLV goes to 10.50?

It's been a heck of a spring here in the Valley of the Sun. Stunningly beautiful. After the winter rains, the perfume from the blooming desert flowers was positively intoxicating. Now that it has calmed down somewhat, I promise to post more.

Next month, I'll be continuing my digital vagabonding adventures, this time throughout the Pacific Northwest, parts of British Columbia, and the Northern Plains. I look forward to keeping in touch from the road, trading remotely, as well as doing a lot of exploring and boots-on-the-ground research.

I'll have more to say about the markets this weekend.

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