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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Road Trip Files

I've done a few road trips since I started this blog. Here's where you can find them all in one place. The stories will grow over time as I add memories or expand on the material as many were written quickly in random hotel rooms before turning out the lights and falling asleep. But for now, get your motor running and head out on the highway.

*Please note: Sadly, many of these posts included "soundtracks" from Grooveshark which has since closed down. I will try to substitute songs from YouTube instead.

Summer 2010: Pacific Northwest

Road Trip -- Day 1

Road Trip -- Day 2: Moab, Utah

Road Trip -- Day 3: Bonneville Salt Flats

Road Trip -- Day 4: Sun Valley

Road Trip -- Day 5: Bend, Oregon

Road Trip -- Day 8: Bear Camp Road, Oregon

Road Trip -- Day 9: Pacific Ocean

Road Trip -- Day 10: Seattle

Road Trip -- Day-11: Montana

Montana: Driver's Paradise

Montana To Wyoming The Good, The Bad, and The Devil?

Could South Dakota Be Home To The Best Burger Ever?

Minnesota: Protected By A Legend

Wisconsin: A Beautiful End To A Dangerous Day 

Michigan: Upper Peninsula

Ontario and Quebec 


Road Trip Recap -- One Nation Under Stress 

Winter 2011: Denver, Breckenridge, Vail

Leaving On A Jet Plane

The Joy And Pain Of Trading And Travel

The Mission And Its Fringe Benefits

A Brief Comment About Denver Airport

Work Before Pleasure


Back Home And Back To Work

Spring 2011: Don't Mess With Texas

Rockets & Tornadoes 

Finally Kentucky

Road Trip: A Very Big Day 3 



Austin Update

Recap: Hot Springs, Arkansas 

Recap: Texarkana 

Recap: First Night In Austin 

Party At The Moon Tower 

It's Good In The Neighborhood 

Why Am I Here?

A Big Weekend It Was

A Very Clean Weekend

How Your Inner Voice Can Lead To Good Things 

Last Night's Quick One 

Cautionary Tale, Re: Mercury

Remember That Guest Post I Was Going To Write?

Less Mercury, More Barbecue 

Out In The Bright Countryside With The Ghosts Of Hemingway And Dean Moriarty 

Last Weekend In Austin, Part 1 

Last Weekend In Austin, Part 2 

Dallas: Refuting Single Bullet Theory 

Definitely Not In Texas Anymore 

One Pho The Road 

Tennessee Vs. Arkansas 

A Good Place To Ride Out A Storm 

Birthplace Of The Burger 

Winter 2012: Georgia On My Mind

A Botched Reversal And A Good Omen

Road Trip Recap 

Spring 2012: The Longest One Yet

A Day In The Life

First Day Randomness

Mobile Trading

A Taste Of Anarchy

Driving And Meditation




Along The Lowcountry

From East To West

A Key Day

Tarpon Springs

Complex And Not Over

Tallahassee And More

From The Beach To The Bayou To The Big State 

Austin Once Again

Austin Multimedia Weekend

Film Geeks Needed

Missile Tests And War Zones

The Tide Is High Last Day In Austin, Recap

Las Cruces To Tucson, Recap

El Paso, Recap

Hanging With Some great Chefs, Updated (Again) 

From The Valley Of The Sun To Monument Valley And The Valley Of The Gods 

Moab To Boulder

Kansas: Tornadoville

Kansas City

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