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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back Home And Back To Work

I was hoping for at least a sideways open this morning after getting home from two mammoth days of driving. Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady would've been proud.

After leaving Denver early Sunday morning, we drove until 2:45 am which got us to the middle of Indiana. Monday we left about 8:45 am and got back to the coast at about 11:30 pm. It was a safe trip, no tickets, and lots of fun. A real treat to drive with someone too. Usually I do road trips while solo. It was great fun to drive with Scott who played DJ the whole time, spinning everything from Mississippi delta blues, punk & new alternative to Southern rock and ultimate 70s all while cracking jokes and telling stories. It was great to catch up after so long. And that rig was fast: the 6.0 liter sounded like a muscle car every time we peeled away from a toll booth. Great fun.

We called our awesome friend Chris when we were about two hours out of Chicago and yelled into the phone: WE'RE DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. WE'RE JUST OUTSIDE CHICAGO. WE'RE COMING OVER. WE WANT FOOD AND BEER. He called back a little later and we could hear his kids in the background going nuts. "Cool. You're coming over?" I was so bummed that the schedule was so tight and that we were just joking. I've known Chris almost 40 years. He had the party where Scott and I met in the waterbed. It would've been great to stop by and hang out. He even invited us to spend the night. We had to settle for a good chat on speakerphone. Sorry to miss you, Chris! Thank you for the kind offer!

Back to work. This chart of the S&P looks like it could break either way. I took off 60% of my SDS position yesterday when it stalled above 1300. We were somewhere in Ohio doing about 75 MPH with Scott behind the wheel, and I wanted to see if I could connect to the web. It worked, so I took some profits. Now I'd like to see the market tip its hand either above or below the trend lines.

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