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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mission & Its Fringe Benefits

The Mission

Get this rig back to the East Coast.

2011 6.0 liter GMC Denali AWD fitted out with GPS, XM, On Star Sat Nav, TV/DVD, headphones, heated front and rear seats, Thule's largest ski box, State Trooper "cow catcher" grill guard, stainless-steel rear utility box stuffed with tools, jacks, flares, etc., plus a propane grill with extra canisters in case the cow catcher "catches" something, and finally, where the rubber meets the road, a fine set of Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires which I'm told are like driving on studs, only better.

The Benefits

A few days of epic skiing beforehand. On top of the world in Breckenridge Colorado. 12,980 feet that is . . . it feels like the top of world -- you need oxygen, from little one-hit canisters that you buy at the grocery store.

A funny story about how these fringe benefits came about: they're actually a fringe benefit of running an entire business from an Am-Ex card. Rewards add up pretty fast. And my friend Scott is immensely generous to share some with me just for helping him drive the Denali back home. Another reason why I'm grateful I do what I do. I can be there to help family and friends which is what life's all about.

I've known Scott for almost 30 years. The story about how we met has been repeated many times. We met at a huge overnight party in high school. I woke up in a king-sized waterbed and looked over to find someone else sleeping a few feet away from me. "Hey, how's it going?" I said. "Pretty good, man. How are you?" he answered. And that was how I met Scott.

To this day when people ask how we met, he says "We met in bed."

So a big thank you to Scott and lovely wife and kids for a great time out here in Breckenridge.

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