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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Very Clean Weekend

Oh joy.

Coincident with getting my fillings removed, I'm also giving my liver and gall bladder a good scrubbing in order to give them the best shot at catching the mercury before it catches me.

It's not the most exciting thing I could be doing, but I've got to.

Face it, anyone over 40 could probably benefit from this. Nearly everyone who tries it passes hundreds of tiny gallstones. The typical approach is to remove the gall bladder when it gets clogged. That's akin to ripping out a fire alarm when it's alerting you there's a fire. Put out the fire.

I'm taking this very slowly. The last thing I need is to rush it and end up in the emergency room with a stuck gall stone and a dangerous infection. So every few days, and Saturday just happened to be one, I buy a quart of organic apple juice and add about a half ounce of ortho phosphoric acid to it. Over the course of the morning, I drink the apple juice in lieu of breakfast. It's sort of a mini fast and a very short cleanse all in one.

Ortho phosphoric acid just happens to be the active ingredient in Coca Cola that makes it so great for dissolving rust and also tooth enamel, so it's important to keep an eye on your pH and use a dental rinse each time you drink it. It's extremely acidic. It also just so happens to dissolve inorganic calcium buildup in the body -- from your joints, arteries, gall bladder, etc. It's very effective in shrinking and softening gall stones. Apple juice contains malic acid which also helps soften then, so when you mix it with the ortho phosphoric acid, it's kind of a one-two punch.

Afterward, around 1pm, I was pretty hungry, so I ate some mangoes, then later steamed a bunch of vegetables and ate those too. Tried to sit in the sun, but it was really hot. I totally forgot to take some stuff to soak up the effects of the cleanse, so I didn't feel so great for a while. In fact, I needed a pretty long nap. But upon waking and after a couple stiff cocktails of modified citrus pectin and powdered zeolite, my thoughts soon turned to heading out for some real food. It took me about 2 seconds.

Bad day? Pho

Awesome day? Pho

Need a treat? Pho

Wanna celebrate? Pho

My go-to meal anytime, anyplace, is Vietnamese pho, a joyous soup of perfectly cooked rib eye, flank, and soft tendon in a heavenly broth flavored with scallion, onion, and cilantro, filled with delicately soothing rice noodles and made exclusively your own by your choice of fresh condiments: Vietnamese basil, bean sprouts, fresh lime, chili paste, and soy sauce.

I was instantly, 100% back on an even keel and all was well in the world. What a great Saturday.

Later that night, I had so much energy I couldn't get to sleep. I kept think of the Echo & The Bunnymen show downtown and thought about going. They were performing their first two albums from the joyous 80s. Instead I hit my iPod and soon drifted off on the Seven Seas.

This morning, you could just tell it was going to be a hot day. So instead of heading out for a heavy breakfast burrito or another truck food rampage, I decided to keep on feeling great. I headed over to Daily Juice and got a very decadent Chocolate Prana smoothie. Yum. Forgot my camera, so I pulled this one from the web.

I spent the rest of the day doing some more cleansing work in preparation for tomorrow, the big day, when I get the first two fillings replaced. My most negatively charged filling is coming out tomorrow which, by the sounds of it, will be a big load off my system. When they were testing my fillings, the doctor was reading the negative charge from each one: 2, 2, 4, 3, 2, 25 . . . "Well, I guess we know which one is first!" he said.

We're basically human batteries. When you put metal in a mouth with a salt water solution such as saliva, you are creating a charge. Over time, as the integrity of the filling changes, so can the charge. It's like leaving your headlights on in your car after you turn it off; your battery gets an extra heavy load.

Today I applied some special clay to the soles of my feet and both of my palms to further detoxify anything that got kicked up yesterday. After washing it off, I sat in the sun for a few minutes with my new crystal from Arkansas, then I soaked my feet for about 10 minutes in some more clay mixed with hot water as a final measure.

I know. Go ahead and laugh. But this stuff is thousands of years old, and it works.

After all this I felt like I was on a cloud, as if measurably lighter in each and every cell of my body. I then had another really great nap. Woke up, took some more zeolite, then made some rice, lentils, and diced turkey that I wanted to move along. Added some Indian spices and it was delicous.

I now feel 100% ready to start the process of getting all the mercury out of my body. The dentist is in San Antonio, so I've been doing some Yelp research on some great places to go for food (where would I be without that site??), and hopefully I'll feel up to a nice stroll along the famous Riverwalk.

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