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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cautionary Tale, Re: Mercury

It's not all about trading on this blog. While I'm here in Austin, it's also about addressing a nagging health concern: the cumulative effects of 30+ years of amalgam fillings which are 50% mercury. I'm having them replaced, all nine of them.

It's been an up and down ride. I've felt ill; I've felt great. Last week I was feeling really great. But thanks to one small slip, it didn't last long.

Mercury affects everyone differently. With me, it seems to do a number on my immune system. I was feeling so great about life that I forgot.

I went back to Dirty Martins Kum-Bak Place last Thursday night for a burger. As soon as I walked in, the cook remembered me and gave me a big hello: "Hey man, I knew you'd be back!" My new friend the waitress was there, too.

They said I should have a beer and hang out for a while. So I did. I love beer, and it was great to feel like a regular suddenly in a new brand town. They had a delicious local pale ale called 512 that was amazing. Hoppy, malty, foamy . . . and absolutely the worst thing for me when my body's trying to deal with a mercury overload.

The next day I woke up groggy and itched from head to toe. I still don't feel right 5 days later. Imagine a rash that you cannot see, but that itches like crazy, and moves from spot to spot.

I shouldn't complain. It could've been heart palpitations again, but the magnesia phos 30X is doing such a great job that I probably was thrown this curve ball just to keep me on my toes. A little friendly reminder. I'm grateful and thankful that that's as bad as it was. Life could be worse! I'm very lucky.

The point is, to anyone else who is thinking about having their fillings removed, until you get ALL of them out and have given yourself a good month or two of detoxification, don't expect miracles. Be careful. Your body is still dealing with the after-effects of the mercury, even if you "feel" great.

Remember, it's 5,000 times more neurotoxic than lead.

By the way, the cook at Dirty Martins was a consummate wing man and hardly said a word while he faded into the background and let the waitress, who is a little shy, chat with me without feeling like he was spying on us. He was pretty cool. So was she -- I must just take her home.

I'll head back soon, when I feel a bit more mojo, and I'll stick to the ice water.

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