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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Weekend In Austin, Part 1

Austin definitely saved the best for last. After my initial foray to 6th Street a few weeks ago, I went back for the encore last night and this time went across I-35 to the other side of the tracks as they say. Boy was I glad I did.

This side of 6th Street felt just like the first time I saw Alphabet City when I was living in NYC, or when I later stumbled into the Eldridge Street area of the Lower East Side. It was gritty and real and life seemed a lot more exciting suddenly.

And with a new found level of excitement since having the last of my mercury fillings removed (no joke, it's as though someone flicked a switch inside me) I found a "trailer park" called East Side Drive-In which had a collection of food trucks circled around a bunch of picnic tables and assorted chairs. It was one of the coolest things I've seen yet.

Way at the end was Pig Vicious, where they do All Things Bacon. I love pig and I love the Pistols. I just had to eat there.

I ordered a Union Jack, which was basically a BLT with basil, olive oil, oregano, and aioli. It was juiciest, sloppiest, best thing I've ever had. The bacon was thick and insanely good. The kicker was being able to watch vintage DEVO videos on the screen that the dude fit into the side window of the trailer.

Down the street were more bars and funky Hispanic social clubs and food trucks than I could count. I wanted to have beers nearly every place I saw.

I nearly got hit by a car taking this shot. Apparently it's the Chelsea Hotel of
Austin. All the rooms are private apartments. Just out of the shot was a cool bar with some pretty cool looking chicks. I think they were wondering what the hell I was doing crouched down in the street.

Later on, I was foiled at my next stop which was way over on South Lamar where I wanted to try the Pork Belly Slider at Odd Duck Farm To Trailer, one of the most critically-acclaimed food trucks in town. When I got there, I was greeted with a sign that said SOLD OUT. So I headed uptown to pay a visit to the Top Notch for a burger.

Astute readers will know this was where Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey) made the term "Moon Tower" famous in the film Dazed And Confused. Didn't see him there. In fact, didn't see anyone. It was closed!

I had to settle for a an Indian Roti wrap down at the Wheatsville Food Co-op where I enjoyed eating outside in the night air and marveling at all the people who actually do their shopping at close to 11pm. Funny.

I'll miss Austin.

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