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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tennessee Vs. Arkansas

At yet another random truck stop today, this time in Tennessee, I walked in the front door and heard two cashier girls yelling at me.

CASHIER GIRLS: Hey! How ya doing hon!

Moments later, as I set down a Red Bull tall boy on the check-out counter, I noticed one of these girls was really cute. She had her hair up and wore a really cool pair of glasses.

ME: Hey.

CASHIER GIRL: Hey! That gonna be everything, sweetheart?

ME: Yeah that's it, thanks.

CASHIER GIRL: OK, that'll be $3.50, hon.

ME: (paying her) Thank you.

CASHIER GIRL: Thank YOU. You have a safe trip to where you're going, baby.

ME: (can't believe my ears) Thanks! You too!

CASHIER GIRL: Bye, doll!

I can't make this stuff up. THAT is Southern Hospitality.

It pulled me out of my gold gloom, and more than made up for the frustration of pulling up to the Cozy Corner barbecue restaurant earlier in Memphis and discovering that their "New Hours" were Tues-Sun. Today was Monday.

I tried to find Corky's BBQ but the GPS mislead me. Then I tried to find Leonard's BBQ, but the GPS mislead me again. One more failed try for Neely's BBQ and my allotted time was up. So I cut my losses and went to McDonald's for a quick Black Angus Deluxe -- guess I wasn't meant to have barbecue today. It was more important to get moving again because there were some bad thunderstorms to stay ahead of.

By the way, this is the second time I've driven into Memphis and it seemed as though no one was there. There was absolutely no traffic at all. Suited me just fine.

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