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Friday, April 27, 2012

Missile Tests And War Zones

It's looking like the 78.6% retracement at 1407 may be the level of interest for the market.  Futures looked pretty bad last night after I finally checked into the hotel in Las Cruces, NM.  Reception on my air card had been spotty most of the day, and it looked like I had missed an opportunity to roll out of the SPY 139 calls expiring later today and possibly into some with more time value.

Now it looks like I may have a shot at that sometime this morning.  I can take my time today.  I had budgeted an extra day so that I could finally see White Sands National Monument, but saw this on their website.

Closures and Missile Tests

Upcoming Missile Tests: Friday-Saturday, April 27-28 -- Missile test scheduled on both mornings. Highway 70 will be blocked at Red & Yellow checkpoints. No backcountry camping on Thursday and Friday, April 26 & 27.

Without Highway 70, I am effectively blocked.  Bravo US government.

Pulled this from the web.  The closest thing for me this time.

Looks like I'll be able to work a little, do a conference call for a friend (I get to grill a well-known portfolio manager about why my friend should invest money with him for a 3.72% fee!), and spend the rest of the day in Tucson . . . after I hit Nellie's Cafe in Las Cruces for their world famous chili verde.  Had some last night as a warm up at a place called Spanish Kitchen, and it was superb.

I will need some extra time to put together a post about yesterday's drive.  What a haul.  And the part through El Paso was like driving through a dust storm on Jupiter and a war zone all at once.  Trippy and surreal indeed.

By the way, here's something you don't see much.   Speed Limit 80 mph.

The coolest thing about crossing into New Mexico, the Land Of Enchantment, was that the land itself really seemed to live up to it.  In the most mystical way possible, the dust storm ceased within minutes and it became a beautiful sunny late afternoon/evening.  Extremely enchanting and impressive too.

PS, I mentioned 1999 in yesterday's post.  Found a penny on the ground while filling up with gas, facing up.  The date was 1999.

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