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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moab To Boulder

Let's say that yesterday morning in Moab was interesting.  It's an outdoorsy place, and by that I don't mean people that hang around in outdoor cafes.  There's an earthy feeling here that pervades the entire town.  It's not an overstatement as you'll soon see.

One thing I'm noticing on this trip is the enormous amount of rented RVs.  They're everywhere.  It's got me wondering if loads of people are testing the waters for a new lifestyle.  Downsizing to a van by the river, perhaps.

Whatever the reason, this rig was by far the most creative one I've seen yet.  Came with "everything including the kitchen sink."  It even had a penthouse.

Jucy Lucy.

I was really in the mood for a big breakfast, so I went searching.  I'd thought I found it when I came across Eklectica Coffee & Collectibles because it seemed not too touristy, kind of off the beaten track, and well, eclectic.

I guess you could say it was all of that.  It was indeed full of locals.  I could actually tell from the sidewalk.  It's the first time I've smelled BO outside without anyone nearby.  (Ha, I'd just gotten out of the shower too).  It wasn't until I stepped inside that I knew where the smell was coming from.  It wafted outside each time someone opened the door.  A little too earthy.  Suddenly I wasn't that hungry.

There was perhaps a larger reason for me being there, however, for as soon as I got back outside, I saw a car accident about to happen.  Someone was backing up into the busy main road while someone else was turning into the restaurant's parking lot.  I shouted and waved my arms at the person backing up who was about to smash into the grill of the other car.  It would have been a heck of a crunch.  The cool thing was that instead of horns honking and fingers flying and fists shaking, everyone just smiled and laughed.

Did not smell like Teen Spirit

By the time I regained my appetite (probably just a minute down the road and in the fresh air again) I saw this place.  Grab 'n Go!  Cool.  (I love the pattern of the shadows in the shot below -- but they probably signaled Do Not Enter)

This place was supposedly known for its killer breakfast burritos.  There were a few of us waiting to order, and I saw the cook look out at us and see that he suddenly had some work to do.  He shot a glare that said it all.  It was a mixture of loathing and anger directed right at us.

Life is basically one big energy exchange.  There was no way that I wanted that dude making my food.  Suddenly that last granola bar in the car seemed incredibly delectable.

Sweet cravings, dark loathings

Stopped by my favorite rock shop.  I think the pretty chica behind the counter was sisters with the girl that waited on me in the herb store in Flagstaff.  Same dark hair and dark brown eyes and same deep tan.  She was barefoot too.  When I laid out the stones at the register she said "Yeah man."

Picked up another hunk of magnetite (lodestone) to go with the one I bought here two years ago.  I didn't know at the time that they're meant to be used one in each hand.  So now I've got two.

Love the angles in this shot on the way out of town.

These cliffs were staggering.  Staggering too that they built a road right below them.  I was really praying that nothing fell.

Pulled into Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Absolutely famished.  Saw this place and thought it was a health food store.  Haha.  I guess you could call it that, if you're into Hippie Lettuce.  It was a medicinal marijuana store.  I was bummed and started wondering how I was going to find some great local food so that I could avoid the plethora of fast food places.

Turns out I was sitting right next to one -- right next to the pot shop.  Good place for it!  It was a small Polish cafe run by two ladies who were so intrigued that I was from all the way across the country.

"Is good drive?"

"It's even better now," I said.

Excuse the shadow, I can't see anything in the viewfinder when the sun is directly overhead.  These were the most amazing stuffed cabbages I've had in ages.  Perfect.

Was sitting right in front of Polanka wondering where to go for something good.  Sometimes everything you need is right in front of you.

Trekked up to Aspen because I'd never seen it.  Amazingly, much of it reminded me of Greenwich, CT.

The hills were alive though.  It was truly a gorgeous setting. 

Once the longest ski lift in the world.  Now perhaps the most expensive.

The highlight of the day was stopping by Woody Creek, home of the late, great Hunter S. Thompson.  I owe Hunter a great deal.  I shamelessly imitated him throughout college and much of my early career.  I even sent a letter to him once, right here, to say Thanks.

Here's a glass of Wild Turkey in Hunter's honor with Biff the cat, the mascot of the Woody Creek Tavern.  Further down the bar was Hunter's neighbor for 35 years.  A really cool guy who shared some cool memories of him.  "He was so incredibly intelligent, and the nicest person too."

The Godfather Of Gonzo wore Lacoste and didn't apologize for it.  Neither do I.

 His memory was very strong here.  It was like a shrine and felt great.

Loved this place.  Felt a lot like back home in many ways, very much like the lodge that we go to when snowmobiling.

Gliding past Vail, thinking back to one of my best days ever two seasons ago.

Boulder.  Where's Boulder?  Got in late, it was dark, and I was tired and had a headache from the Wild Turkey and the high altitude.  Checked into a hotel and that was that.  Today it's off to Kansas City, and with any luck, some barbecue.

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