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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ocean Size

There was a huge storm offshore that made the ocean go nuts for a few days. I went to my favorite rock yesterday and waited patiently for some explosions. There was a guttural rumble much like thunder that would build up before the crash. I didn't get a drop of seawater on me, but it felt like God exhaling.

It reminded me one of my favorite tunes by Jane's Addiction called Ocean Size. Lead singer Perry Farrell also happens to be an excellent surfer, and you can hear his reverence for the ocean in the lyrics, and feel the ocean's power in the song's composition even if it's not your taste in music.

]Ocean Size by Jane's Addiction on Grooveshark

Farrell also seems to understand the philosophy of the Far East which cautions us to be more like water:

i was made with a heart of stone
to be broken
with one hard blow
i've seen the ocean
break on the shore
come together with no harm done...

i want to be
as deep
as the ocean
mother ocean, yeah...

i want to be more like the ocean
no talking, man
all action...

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