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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Take It Lightly Enough To Play It Seriously

I see an interesting pattern for higher price that relies on 1605.68 holding. I still see the 1628.93 gap getting filled. I still see the down sloping trend line possibly getting tested. I still see rain in the forecast for what seems an eternity.

I'm on a full-scale mission to keep in "neutral" and not let the constant rain cloud my spirits. I'm trying to focus on the abundance. The moisture is good for the soil. There is no heat wave. There are no wild fires. I am fortunate to be able to keep doing what I love to do each day.

There is another benefit to the rain. No one has any plans. Usually the brief summers in New England cause a frantic pace of social engagements that are planned so far in advance that it can be nearly impossible to see friends without meticulous planning. This summer is much easier.

I for one am thankful for the slower pace and the more mellow vibe that the rain is causing. It must be all that low pressure in the atmosphere. People seem more relaxed.

Came across a great Zen-style line that captures this sense perfectly: taking life lightly enough to play it seriously.

This says to me to find a way to be detached enough to find enjoyment in everything, to have fun, and to use the child-like state of mind that fun creates as a way to perform at a higher level.

This is a trick I learned in the advertising business that helps me in all facets of life, but especially trading.

My boss was a very intense, disciplined guy who had a 5th degree black belt in karate. Paradoxically, he used to tell us: "When you're not working, I want to see you having fun. Play pool, hang out, goof off, go out to lunch."

He considered the "right-brain" state to be extremely important to creativity. He bought a pool table for our group and a rad stereo system. We hardly ever left work. It was too fun.

The easiest way I achieve the right-brain state is through music.

Here's the perfect tune for a rainy day mood. It still sounds fresh after all these years. Australian new wave from Flash And The Pan from 1979:

Walking in the Rain by Flash and the Pan on Grooveshark

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