The collision of global markets and social mood

Monday, February 24, 2014

Something To Keep An Eye On

Weird futures behavior last night. A new low and then above a minor swing point from Friday afternoon. The S&P cash is sort of in the middle of nowhere presently. A few more points down would be perfect, say the 1833 area, or an up thrust to a new marginal high above 1850.84 . . . both would fit the current scenario of a rising wedge.

The Facebook's What'sApp acquisition continues to make for polarized opinions, seeming to be a very binary, black and white, love or hate event.

Out comes the dark underbelly, too. The Hacker News says What'sApp is "vulnerable to Man-in-the-middle attacks because the app has not enforced SSL pinning," whatever that means. Sounds like something that can be fixed, but something like this can't:

Personally, I agree with Hochberg and Kendall at Elliottwave International (home of the Socionomics Institute) who stated recently that declining social mood will cause social media to devolve into anti-social media. Something to keep an eye on.

Speaking of that, Fil Zucchi, a must-follow on Twitter, noted this today:

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