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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google Needs A Motto Change

All last week Google kept me from using this blog simply because I was trying to do so while visiting the Chicago area and not logging in from my usual location. This was their proud message to me upon my return.

Google keeps pestering me for a mobile phone number that will somehow make my account more secure. I think Google, like most companies that regularly attend secretive Bilderberg meetings, is more interested in knowing who I am than protecting my account.

Google's motto is Don't Be Evil. I think it should be Don't Be Nosy.

The folks at Google are very smart. Surely they could come up with a password verification method that does not require a mobile phone number, which is really just a GPS device.

Increasingly, a mobile phone number is becoming the social security number of the digital world.

Market wise, 1850.35 broke yesterday, but unless 1839.57 breaks in the next few sessions, new all-time highs could come just as easily as a test of the 38% Fib retracement level at 1828.18.

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