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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Possible Final Approach

Here is why I want to buy VIX products at any new high:

If the market is approaching "3" there would likely be a graceful exit at "4."

If the market is really approaching "5" there would likely be a violent move to around 1550-1600. That's just how these patterns end.

That should send the UVXY to around 125. I'll be adding more.

The trading computer is fixed. It needed a reinstall of Windows 7 and new drivers. The Tech guy says it's faster than ever. I pick it up later this morning.

Much ado is being made about Italian 10-year bonds dipping below 3% today. Happy Days Are There Again.

Yields could continue much lower in Italy and elsewhere throughout Europe, because Europe is this close to sliding into outright deflation. Let the journalists and the pundits rejoice. Then let them figure it out.

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