The collision of global markets and social mood

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday -- 100% Stocks, No Brainer

S&P E-mini Futures:
Continuation of yesterday's bounce.

One day after "The next 1000-point down day is coming" headlined at

While discussing the merits of buy & hold investing (without mentioning the sideways period from 1966-1982 or 2000-2013 or Japanese equities from 1989-present), this gem also appeared:

"A promise of being kept whole with the possibility of upside like that makes a long-term bet in stocks a no-brainer."

All this and an image of a roller coaster set to plunge. A hilarious mash up of mixed social mood at its best.

Not to be outdone, Bloomberg has presented this beauty.

Because real estate always goes up, right?

Quiet so far. USD digesting recent gains.

Consistent pattern in 2s-30s -- prices rising on lighter volume

WTI crude down, NG Up.

Gold, silver, and copper flat +/-.

S&P Outlook:
Maybe it's the juicy gap at 2099.20 or the green action in Europe or China reporting another set of really bad econ data, but futures indicate a higher open. Doing so may allow the cash S&P to close off the downward impulse potential. Yet there could still be lower prices...for a buy set up.

In other words, the wave 2 scenario presented yesterday is looking better and better.

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