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Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday -- Bradley Turn Date

S&P E-mini Futures:
Ripping higher, but still below yesterday's high (could be due to rollover).

Grreeeen throughout Asia, and even grreeener in Europe. DAX up a stunning 3% yet still below yesterday's spike high (and subsequent 5-waves down).

Yesterday's ECB circus made a mockery of quoting prices in a quick snapshot pre-open. Nearly everything flip-flopped violently.

Today is a Bradley Turn Date. That's about all I care about, along with where the cash S&P opens.

Messy but informative if you want to see the real story rather than a narrative. EUR still a mess and USD still not "toast."

30s higher, everything else lower in price, higher in yield.

WTI crude broke through the weird line in the sand to a new rally high. NG continues its bounce.

Gold finally hit a new high above 1280.70 and sold off. Platinum, palladium, silver, and copper remain higher.

S&P Outlook:
I want to sell a new high above 2009.13 using long volatility and puts. More UVXY and SPY/OEX puts. Today's Bradley Turn Date could turn things upside down.

OEX 890 calls have a large open interest that could be a target for "worthless expiration."

Bottom line is the feeling is creeping in that perhaps the current rally is a possible X-wave or B-wave (they're very similar). If correct, it would suggest the correction isn't over.

If wrong, great. A new all-time high is in the cards.

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