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Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday -- Columbus Day Brief

US treasury markets are closed, but equities are trading. The verbal action is in Japan, while the credit action is in Germany.

BoJ Governor Kuroda signaled the BoJ may delay hitting inflation its target to 2018, and repeated that they are prepared to conduct additional monetary easing if needed.

Not very encouraging for the world's largest debtor nation, and should continue to be monitored day by day.

In Germany, yes Deutsche Bank is rallying . . . but so are German bund yields, threatening to break positive in the face of the ECB's NIRP policy.

The equity action is currently with the S&P 500 which just exceeded Friday's high. Hopefully today 2177 and/or 2181.30 will get tested on what should be very light volume, setting up a reversal possibly Tuesday.

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