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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday -- Crunch Time For The Sugar Rush

S&P E-mini Futures:
Down slightly but still hanging at highs.

Tons of news due out today, from early morning until the 2pm Fed Minutes. Maybe there won't be a pre-Thanksgiving exodus. Maybe there will.

Euro Zone PMI figures came out better than expected as momentum builds.

US durable goods orders rose 4.8% in October.

Great news. Yet Marketwatch may have accidentally stumbled onto the correct interpretation:

Sugar Rush dovetails with Tom Demark's latest call for a 5-6% digger.

In Italy, it's getting real. Real fast.

“Time is running out,” said Stefano Girola, who helps manage about 40 billion euros at Syz Asset Management in Lugano, Switzerland. “It’s like a huge puzzle, and one missing piece will doom the whole project."

Unclear in the Bloomberg article if the "whole project" in jeopardy is the European Project, but please allow me to speculate that it is.

Meanwhile, Italy's December 4th referendum awaits.

All about the USD today. Fresh rally highs (yet volume fading). Commodity currencies remain under pressure.

CAD, MXN still on watchlist.

EUR too -- below 1.04617.

No one seems to be talking about CNY (Chinese yuan) which is back to 2008 levels vs USD. Another revaluation could add a shock to the current joyride.

Fresh correction lows. Possible signs of wedging (which could signal a reversal soon) but overall pretty nasty action that should be taken seriously.

WTI crude and NG both down, yet looking corrective within possible developing impulse waves higher.

Bloodbath in metals. Gold prices cracked 1200 and are close to levels where I'm a buyer (1172).

S&P Outlook:
The Sugar Rush has a nice ring to it. And I don't think it's over, but it's close.

Getting below the 2182 area would still be enough of an early warning to me that Tom Demark has nailed another one.

And a strong close above 2222.37 would still shift the odds from a B-wave scenario back to the previously-proposed ending diagonal pattern (where we'd be somewhere in wave 3).

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