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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday -- Merkel, Lagarde, The Facebook, Levels

S&P E-mini Futures:
Higher but still choppy looking.

Electoral College voting passed by smoothly and actually produced gains for the president elect.

What's up with Europe?

Germany is a bloody mess and Merkel needs to be retired.

Lagarde guilty yet no charges filed.

Is it me or did the photos of the Russian ambassador murder scene look like movie stills:

Photographer had no fear.

No fear in the market. VIX threatening 10.

More trubs for the Facebook.

"Intentionally, or negligently, gave incorrect info" according to a Brussels' antitrust chief.

Sounds like their ad metric strategy.

JPY and CHF weaker. Party.

Snoozing after yesterday's very low volume rally.

WTI crude up 1%. NG down nearly 3%.

Red. Platinum is at a big retracement level -- 78.6%. How it acts should be noted.

S&P Outlook:
Gap higher on weak ticks and so-so A/Ds.

This could be the final run before a more significant breather, or it might just be a test of the 2272 area before a probe to the 2242 area.

Needs more mojo, but have said that many times before. Levels may be better indicators than internals as the emotional rally plays out.

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