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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday -- Super Thursday, JGBs, Lace For Men

S&P E-mini Futures:
Small, choppy breakdown from yesterday's consolidation thus far.

Asia mixed, Europe red.

Bloomberg is touting "Super Thursday" when the ECB meeting, the UK elections (which are looking stranger and stranger for PM May), and former FBI director Comey's congressional testimony all take place.

I'd rather watch the yen and 10yr & 30yr JGBs which are acting weird along with a 1% decline in the Nikkei.

Lace for men. Apparently it's an LA thing.

It's also the latest example just how weird things get when liquidity is out of control.

Who you lookin' at, tough guy
 It's from Hologram City.

JPY jumping by nearly 1%.

"10yr JGBs were relatively flat with only minimal gains seen amid a cautious risk tone, while the 30yr JGB auction also failed to spur firm demand despite the b/c printing its highest in 8 months of 3.63."

Failed to spur demand . . . if it continues, it's as close to Doomsday as you can get in today's fragile world.

2s &5s looking a lot shakier vs 10s & 30s lately, meaning the curve is tilting toward inversion, meaning keep your eye on the ball.

WTI crude down slightly while NG rips.

Copper red while the shiny stuff rips.

S&P Outlook:
Very rough plan for next few days.

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