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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weirdness With Google -- Was Locked Out

Google is acting evil. I've been locked out of the blog for days. The same computer that I log in with each and every day was suddenly not "recognized."

All I needed to do was enter my mobile phone number.

Actually, I think Google already had it. It already knew exactly which phone and model number it was.

Gone was the email recovery option.

No one to call. No place to send an email inquiry.

Just a maize of "help" and "support" topics, none of which was any help at all.

Then, as if by magic, it started working again.


It's probably not over.

It'll probably happen again.

Who knows if I'll even be able to log in again.

So...that's it for me. That's the end of the road with Google and Blogger.

Sadly, the alternatives don't look much better. But they're there.

The weird thing is that not writing out a plan for the past several days has felt strange. Something hasn't felt right. It's more than a habit now. It's become something that I simply feel better doing each day before I enter the fray.

So I'll continue somehow. I just don't know where.

Check Twitter, as that is where I'll post the new blog address when I've figured it out.

Thanks for reading. It's been a long time together.


Marz Bonfire

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