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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trip -- Day 3: Bonneville Salt Flats

Finally made it to Bonneville after all these years of trying. Never once got a television commercial greenlighted for this location. Nor was I successful in finagling a photo shoot of any kind at this location. Just goes to show if you want to do anything right, you've got to do it yourself. The light reflection blows away anything I've ever experienced on the water. You feel like you're being x-rayed. And the salt absolutely trashes your car. Mine looked like I just drove through a blizzard.

Found a car wash in nearby West Wendover, NV. And then had a humorous dinner at the Rainbow Casino among the tourists and the neon and the floor to ceiling mirrors.

Nowhere near as good as the perfection below. The highlight of my short visit to Salt Lake City: the pastrami cheeseburger at Crown Burgers. Legendary. Not to be missed.

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