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Friday, July 9, 2010

Montana: Driver's Paradise

I think Montana should be renamed the Driver’s Paradise.

The reason for my elation is that today I drove route 200 from Missoula to route 141 to Avon. It was simply the best run I’ve ever had – including the Autobahn.

Long sweeping corners that never seemed to end drifted effortlessly into the next. Perfectly graded, perfectly paved roads snaked through shallow hills and valleys. A generous 70 MPH speed limit (which basically means “keep it under 80, son”) kept the velocity “interesting” through scenery that was so dramatic that my heart couldn’t help but soar -- big blue sky, puffy white clouds, soft green rolling hills sprinkled with pines, sculpted and formed as if by the hand of the God.

I could not help daydreaming about doing the drive in McQueen’s 250 GT Lusso with all 12 cylinders howling in symphony. I’ll leave you with this photo of her, quite possibly the most beautiful car ever made.

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