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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Montana to Wyoming

This was the most congested part of the trip so far. The area around Yellowstone National Park was well trafficked -- especially on a sunny summer Saturday. I bypassed the park, leaving it for another time, and headed to Jackson Hole. Passing the Grand Tetons was magnificent. As was the omnipresence of a rushing river at nearly every turn. One of my favorite views.

Jackson Hole was mobbed as well. I braved the crowds long enough to explore the town, then dropped into the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, and left as soon as it appeared the bartender was on break. Driving out of Jackson Hole there was a three-mile backup of cars waiting to get in. Not sure if they're big spenders or just people waiting to buy t-shirts.

But yet again, here was a high-end town with a lot of real estate on offer.

I continue to see a lot of inventory wherever I go, mostly newer homes and office space, and many, many office buildings of the "see through" variety. Completely vacant.

But the river doesn't know, and doesn't care. It just keeps on flowing. I guess I should too.

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