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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Trip -- Day 10: Seattle

Freeze frame from video at Ray's Boathouse.

Seattle is great example of lemonade. I got handed a few lemons while I was there. I got into town at rush hour and had to sit in an enormous traffic jam -- so I turned on my laptop and wireless card and caught up on the markets (not recommended -- worse than texting while driving!).

I've always wanted to see the chaos of the Pike Place Market, but it was closed. I headed over for some oysters at Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar, but if truth be told, I tried 4 varieties of them and didn't like any. I did find them to be the cleanest I've ever seen, expertly prepared, and loved the setting in which I ate them, but I guess it's a palate thing. I found myself missing the tangy, briny taste of my favorite oysters of the Northeast (Edgartown, MA is home to my favorite). My sincere apologies to any Washington residents I may be offending!

I headed over to Ray's Boathouse which was swarming with people. The parking lot was filled with valets (not a chance with all the laptops and electronic equipment in my car). The side streets were packed with cars. And suddenly, I noticed a car pulling out of a parking space right in front of the restaurant! I went inside and it was crowded beyond belief. But miraculously the hostess found me a table that was free for a split second.

That's lemonade. Only I didn't make it. I feel as though it was made for me, and served to me, and was ever thankful.

I washed it down with an ice cold sauvignon blanc and started in with seared ahi tuna and followed up with Alaskan sea scallops in a Thai curry sauce. Amazing. My thanks to the Kerrigans in Arizona for the suggestion.

I'd love to see the S&P cash to get to around 1080 on anemic volume.

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