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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Arkansas makes it 48. I've finally seen all the lower 48 states in America, something I've wanted to do since probably the second grade.

Today I drove from Clarksdale, MS to Hot Springs, AR with an extra leg to Mount Ida, AR for what could've been the score of a lifetime when it comes to quartz crystals.

One drawback right now is a squall line of severe thunderstorms racing through the area. There is a tornado warning, the first time I've ever experienced one. It's eerily quiet.

I'm in my hotel room in Hot Springs packing up and getting ready by moving everything away from the windows. Also, the signal in my mifi has slowed considerably. Can't finish this post now.


Good morning. Got through the storm okay, but the mifi network is still giving me fits. I'll have to finish posting from Austin where Sprint has 4G service.

In the markets, Intel beat earnings. Crushed the estimates. In turn, the dollar got crushed, but this all has the feel of a final move, kind of a last hurrah. Futures are up huge, and risk is back on.

We'll see if this ignites a rally in the S&P to the 1400 area. But I am noting that once again, more volume came out of the market on the down move. Let's see what happens on the upside.

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