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Monday, April 25, 2011

Austin Update

The big Austin Update is that I promptly got a bad cold or flu as soon as I began to settle in here in Austin. I did manage to secure a nice little apartment just before I felt like I was going to collapse, and then I slept for almost the entire weekend.

I feel much better today, just in time for the first step in my next journey, a journey that takes me to San Antonio. I'm keeping my eye on the markets, but not doing any trades just yet.

I do feel that we're about to see the unintended consequences of the Fed's QE policy. Rising oil and commodity prices are causing input prices to rise, thus producers will attempt to begin passing through rising prices to consumers. The question is, will consumers pay up. Inflation is a foregone conclusion. What if the consumer scales back? The law of diminishing returns could soon affect earnings in a negative way.

Now that I feel better, I'll keep catching up on some posts that I missed along the road due to bad weather and connectivity issues. And there's a lot to share from here in good ol' Austin. Stay tuned.

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