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Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally Kentucky

I have finally made it to Kentucky after all these years of wanting to see it. I used to play guitar in high school with a cool guy named Boz Johnson who was from Kentucky. One day he just left school. I always thought he just didn't feel Northern New England was as good as Kentucky, and it made me want to see it.

Then an old girlfriend had had a job that took her all over the country. I asked her what was her favorite place. She said KENTUCKY without any hesitation.

There is definitely a cool vibe here, and I'm glad I came. I must admit I was worried when I crossed the border from West Virginia and saw an enormous oil refinery on the banks of the Big Sandy River. It was definitely reminiscent of a moment I had upon visiting St. Croix for the first time and saw the Hess refinery -- the second largest in the Eastern Hemisphere -- just as I was getting into the island vibe.

Same thing yesterday: Ahhhh, Kentucky . . . Yikes! Then I noticed the State tourism motto UNBRIDLED SPIRIT on one of the oil storage containers high on hill -- an odd place to get the message across -- and thought I was in for a buzz kill.

Happily it didn't happen. The landscape quickly yielded its verdant beauty. The hills softened, the fields stretched out, and it felt like the world expanded a little. It kept getting better and better. The horse farms I saw were the icing on the cake.

Pulling into Lexington was easy. I loved the layout of the town. Lots of residential areas with lovely side streets and pretty homes.

All I could think about was barbecue! Sadly, I was thwarted.

I pulled up to Billy's Barbecue at 9pm and they were closed even though it said they were open 'til 10pm. I was crushed. This happens one in a while and can be the source of adventure if you let it. So I explored a bit and found a little Mexican place called Rincon across the street from The Beer Trapp and ate there.

Hmmm, Rincon. I spent a wonderful day and night in Rincon, Puerto Rico a few years ago and was game for anything to do with it. Sometimes when traveling, that's all you have to go on -- a good vibe that jiggers a fond memory that helps you make a quick decision in an unfamiliar place. The enchiladas verdes were great and were washed down with a cold Bohemia.

Noticed a very distinct look to all the chicks I saw: lots of pony tails. Horse country, very cute.

Off to dodge some more thunderstorms on the way to Tennessee

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