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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Big Weekend It Was

As I mentioned in Why Am I Here?, I realized I had to begin getting ready to detox whatever mercury gets kicked up in my system as I have my fillings removed. So after I had one last morning cigar after an espresso at Flightpath (what a great metaphor for caffeine), I headed out for a big day.

First I hit the funky Herb Bar for some kidney cleanse tea. Mercury is tough on your kidneys as it leaves your body, so this was a great place to go. They had just what I was looking for. I always like to find a spot like this if I can.

Then I walked over to South Congress and checked out the food trucks. I was amazed at the selection.

It was still a tad early, so I popped some pics and then walked down South Congress and got to know the area a little better. I'd seen it briefly during my first night in town, but my focus was on finding a place to stay, so I made a mental note to come back and was glad I did. I love this area. A ton of other people do too. Every place was packed.

When I came back, I decided on this little Thai trailer. I was glad I did.

The Green Curry was amazing, and very spicy too. They did not hold back. Tony Bourdain would've been very happy. I certainly was.

After the curry, I drove up to Round Rock, just north of Austin, to the Premier Center, the home of Quantum Nutrition Labs. This place is yet one more reason why it was an easy decision to come to Texas.

It was founded by Robert Marshall after a near-fatal poisoning from tainted tryptophan. 128 people became infected with EOSINOPHILIA-MYALGIA SYNDROME. Because he was open-minded enough to utilize energetic healing methods from the far-East coupled with the latest Western advances in bio-physics, Marshall was the sole survivor, and built the company using the settlement money.

I am very grateful that he did. I've been using some of the methods myself over the past year, and have been very pleased with the results.

One of the coolest things there is a small room lined with highly-resonant pink quartz which you are invited to stand inside. As soon as I closed the door, I recognized it instantly: it was full of chi or life energy.

How I came to discover this feeling was very unusual. Back in 2005, I went to see a health lecture by Kam Yuen, a Grandmaster of Shaolin Tai Mantis Kung Fu, who was the inspiration for David Carradine's main character in the TV series Kung Fu, as well as the show's technical and martial arts advisor.

By this time, Kam Yuen was teaching Taoist methods of energetic healing. I had just been through a horrific ski accident and had broken my hip and a rib. I was in pretty rough shape, and my Mom (God bless her!) was the only person who could drive me to Boston to attend.

A few minutes into the lecture I noticed something strange. All the pain in my body went away and was replaced by a slightly warm feeling. I distinctly remember that it felt like a deep purple color for some reason. Shortly afterward, I could move my hip in any direction I wanted. It felt fine. So did my back. I felt great. Totally relaxed yet energized.

It is my belief that Kam Yuen has so much chi that he is able to emanate it to heal others, and it was that excess chi that I was feeling.

After his lecture, he invited anyone who wanted a quick "reading" to come up and stand in front of him. He took one look at me and wrote down "detox trauma" and "detox petrol." The trauma from my accident was obvious. But the petrol part blew me away. During the summers as a teen, I used to work on a gas dock at a marina and inhaled more than my fair share of fuel fumes. I still don't know how he did that.

So once I figured out that room at the Premier Center was full of chi, I stood in there for the full amount of time not once but twice just before I left. I got back in the car and instantly felt like I was going to fall asleep.

I barely made the 10 minute drive back to Austin where I plopped into bed for the best nap I've had in ages. I slept for hours, got up around nightfall, felt hungry, and decided I'd get one last trailer truck meal before Saturday was over.

I headed downtown yet again, this time to First Avenue, and tried to find El Primo. I forgot to write down the address, probably because I was still a little blissed out, and had to settle for this place, Torchy's Tacos. It was just fine.

Had a Green Chile pork taco simmered with green chilis, and topped with queso fresco, cilantro, onions, and a wedge of lime. Delicious. No picture because I was so busy stuffing it into my face that I forgot. Plus, the flash goes off at night and feels kinda dorky.

It was great weekend. Now I'm ready to clean up my act. No more cigars, and probably not any truck food for a while, just healthy stuff I make at home.

And now that I know about the special room at the Premier Center, I told them to expect me about three times a week. Thankfully they said "Stop by as much as you like."

I certainly will.

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