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Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Day Randomness

The first thing I did after packing the car this morning was tape this to the dash.

A few minutes later, I saw Canadian geese migrating north, signaling the return of Spring. What a cool, uplifting omen. It made my heart soar.

Found a random diner in Upstate New York for lunch. Turns out, I'd been there before. That's why I forgot about it. Ate there anyway, but will try to remember not to do it again.

The only other thing that is worse than buying Bernanke's gasoline is buying a "soda" for $3.60. I usually drink one at 4pm each day on the road and it helps me make it to 10pm. They work, but otherwise I don't touch them.

Oh, and this is the caffeinated popcorn I mentioned the other day. I'd rather stick to Red Bull.

Kind of hoping those geese provide me some good vibes tonight. I'm in Erie, Pennsylvania, watching violent thunderstorms rolling across Lake Erie, part of the same disturbance that caused a tornado in Michigan earlier today.

So far no tornado warning yet, but they can happen at any time, so I'm leaving the Weather Channel on even though I don't really like TV. But at a time like this, it's kind of like Red Bull. It works.


  1. I was hoping for some lighting fotos! I have several fortune cookie strips taped to the inside of a cabinet door, so I could relate to the message on your dash. Wishing you no tornadoes : )

  2. hey, your wishes worked! i woke up alive! would have loved to get some lightning photos, but do not have the SLR with me