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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mobile Trading

This is when it's a challenge. I am at the mercy of cell phone towers and time. I do not use a smart phone to trade while on the road, but maybe I should. I feel like I'm playing roulette.

I'm really interested in the 1411 area on the S&P cash. I have a weird feeling that the market could thrust up into that area then quickly reverse. This is one of those times that I hope I'm wrong.

The pattern seems to be some sort of rising wedge. Often these patterns can break out and fade quickly. But perhaps it's really just a slow ramp and the week will end on its highs. Judging by the turn around in the GBPAUD suggesting Risk ON may be returning, I may let this ride while I ride . . . through the back roads of Ohio and Indiana today on the way to Schoop's Hamburgers in Portage, IN.

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