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Monday, January 7, 2013

Simple And Not So

I like charts when they're so simple you don't have to think about them. Trading them is another matter.

1474.51 and higher looks like the objective here. There is also ample room below for price to test lower before or after 1474.51.

I'm getting a sell signal on DAILY charts which doesn't happen much, so I will be interested in the short side for a while. I will have a preference for SPY puts and VIX calls. In my opinion, anything down to 1400 is game. But I would most likely want to be long there too . . . subject to change, of course.

The point is there should be ample opportunities for traders in the coming weeks on both sides. The VIX is very low from a multi-year perspective, options are well-priced (puts are cheap), and there could be still higher highs to come.

All of which can change quickly.

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