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Friday, July 25, 2014

Mav, Mickey, Bezos, Tepid, Volatile & Inverted

The S&P closed flat while the VIX closed up 2.78% and A/Ds closed inverted. Inverted may have worked for Maverick, but it doesn't work at all-time highs.

The sanctions game with Russia just reached a new level of hilarity. According to Reuters, Russia will now ban some of McDonald's burgers along with its milk shakes and ice cream.

Take that Amerika!

There are still two volume profile areas at 1970 & 1975. Again, 1970 seems deep, but at this point deep would be rather benign as long as 1965.77 held. Higher is still possible.

Times may be a-changing. Investors may be getting fed up with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his habit of burning through money, more than double the predicted loss for the 2nd quarter. Amazon is down over $40 in the pre-market. It's too early if this represents a shift in animal spirits or not, but it bears watching.

Still watching EURUSD as it closes in on 1.34 now. It looks oversold, but what it does from these levels could say a lot. The 10-year looks tepid again, but not broken. There is a clear difference between it and the S&P since the beginning of June which bears watching as well.

There is a gap at 1973.63 that may be tugging at the market. But then again, tomorrow's new moon (5:42pm EDT) may keep pulling it higher.

I will not be sticking around to participate in the tug of war. Leaving early today for a weekend getaway in Vermont.

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