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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Market Update -- Greece Goes Plan C, Futures Love It, Sanders Hates It

Something is up, alright -- in Greece. Others are calling it Plan B. I'm calling it Plan C.

First, Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont, said the Fed should bail out Greece (hahahha).

Then the Commies stepped in and one-upped him. Either China or Russia may swoop in to the *rescue* -- hilarious.

Europe ex-UK loves this news. Asia was mixed.

ES Futures:
Something else is up -- e-mini futures. They love his news, too.

Eerily quiet. USD still could make a new rally high. Inverse is true for euro.

5s, 10s, and 30s look terrible. If you're a bond bull.

Crude is down 1%. NG has given back almost all its gains from yesterday's gap 

Gold down marginally.

S&P Outlook:
New rally highs were seen as possible but not a high odds trade yesterday. But with the weak pullback holding 2036.72, coupled with this morning's spike in futures, odds have certainly increased.

Here is how I'm seeing things now, if 1980.90 holds.

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