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Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday -- Merkel, Tsipras, Euro, DAX, Patience

ES Futures:
Down slightly after a rather solid week. No harm there.

Nothing really on my radar today. Merkel meets with Tsipras later. Maybe some fireworks, maybe not.

Euro is bid (with DAX down rather hard). Yen and USD charts look virtually identical over the last two weeks.

Price continues to cooperate, even if volume doesn't.

Crude still hunts lower, though 47.80 remains key level above which it could rally well into the 50s. NG looking iffy still.

Hearing calls for $2000 gold is humorous with it trading heavy below 1200 after a big "rally" last week.

Special Situations:
Biotech. Resisting calls for a top, yet probably closing in on one in the next few months. Like most other high flyers, including the S&P, probably not finished yet. But deserves watching.

S&P Outlook:
No sooner did I post a weekly A/D chart on Friday than the market made a mockery of it. One more subtle indication that the current up leg is a "3" rather than a more bearish "5."

Patience is required. Letting the pattern develop until proven wrong is the name of the game here. Below 2060 would be the first danger tell.

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