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Friday, March 20, 2015

Quad Witching Friday -- New Moon, Vernal Equinox, Total Solar Eclipse & Greek Bank Runs

ES Futures:
Nice rally thus far in pre-market, but not taking anything for granted today.

Promptly lost three followers on Twitter for mentioning today's new moon, Vernal Equinox, and total solar eclipse, but I'll mention it again. It always amazes me how some people completely reject the world around them.

Simply, today could be volatile.

In Greece, it seems that ordinary people, once again, are always two steps ahead of bureaucrats. Capital flight from Greek banks is accelerating, according to Reuters -- deposit outflows of about 300 million euros took place on Wednesday, the highest in a single day since the February deal with the euro zone *institutions*.

Euro is getting some love today, perhaps with people coming to their senses that it would be stronger without Greece.

Up across the spectrum, but all need to continue their fresh uptrends or else risk technical breakdowns. Otherwise one might never know there was an epic Fed meeting just Wednesday.

Crude: staying below 47.80 keeps the pressure to the downside. 37.33 remains a valid target.

NG: range bound since early February, and seeming quite patient to stay that way for a bit longer.

Calls for $2000 gold are back. It can't even stay above 1200.

S&P Outlook:
Few words needed. Accumulating UVXY on S&P rally days. Such divergence has been rare since 2012. Paying attention to it.

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