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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday -- Charts of S&P Scenarios

ES Futures:
Holding above yesterday's low. Key.

JGB yields higher again.

USD may be getting ready for a slight pullback. Moves in Scandie currencies looking close to pullbacks as well. Euro ticks away from fresh lows.

Was looking for a bounce in the Aussie, but not like the weak one that has transpired thus far. Will stand aside anticipating further lows.

Dec. 24th lows in 5s and 10s holding and with any luck, these will rally to new highs which could finally mark the end of the line.

NG looks better than Crude, but is rallying on very light volume. Both are still in low odds areas for me.

Gold basically in the same place as yesterday.

S&P Outlook:

This scenario argues for a wedge to about the 2300 area
then an extremely sharp pullback.

This scenario argues for a little pain now for more gain later,
up to 2300 or possibly even 2500.

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