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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday -- Positioning Before The Deadline

ES Futures:
Another early morning levitation. More hope out of Greece. Keeps the choppiness of the choppy pullback intact.

The deadline for a Greek debt deal is --supposedly -- Monday before the European markets open. Somehow, someway, they will probably cobble together another stop gap -- with a shelf life of a month or two.

China down another 7%. Wall Street firms warning not to buy the dip, but I bet they are.

CNBC seems especially preoccupied with self-driving cars this morning. What if this building auto-pilot mentality is manifestation of entrenched market psychology?

AUD getting crushed. News lows probable in a month or two if things work out they way they appear.

125'055 in the crosshairs on 10s, day two.

WTI crude looks interested in below 58.73 at least. Or at least that's where I might be interested. NG still too middle-of-page to be interesting to me.

Gold 1171s.

S&P Outlook:
The market stopped just above the 2100 level after blowing through the Fib levels. Plenty of room to head lower, but still looking choppy, thus corrective.

2095 & 2085 starting to look interesting if 2100 doesn't hold. Not using options, but adding slowly to SSO and SPXL against UVXY.

Still prefer to see 2088.86 hold, however.

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