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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday -- No Rush Until 2pm

S&P E-mini Futures:
Continuing higher on Fed frontrunning.

Today's news comes out at 2pm, and more at 2:30pm with Yellen's comments.

Other than that it's like a half-day off.

Quiet ahead of the Fed decision. USD mostly firm. CHF feeling safe haven flows, yet benign action in JPY. NOK getting slammed.

Prices correcting recent run up, but on lighter volume. Wave patterns suggest lower eventually.

WTI crude looking a bit shaky. NG continuing to react from most recent low.

Gold, silver, and copper ripping.

S&P Outlook:
Asia and Europe are green green green, likely adding to the feelgood feeling of the e-minis and vice versa in what is likely a large feedback loop.

Put out this chart mid-day yesterday.

But then found one I liked a lot better. This goes back to the original B-wave idea, rightly observing that b-waves can exceed the end point of the most recent impulse (labeled as "3").

Note the use of Ichimoku Cloud with Elliott. Nice.

This count implies a weak new all-time high then a wipe out below the August lows which would be a complete riot.

Source: someone named "hehe" at

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