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Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday -- Zuck's Zombies, GBP, SWF & Saudi Fears, Risk On

S&P E-mini Futures:
Ripping higher, breaking out above last Thursday's high.

Drudge Report ran this along with this morning's headline. I agree. It's pretty scary, especially since Zuck & Co. are Bilderberg regulars, along with Bezos & Co., and Schmidt, Brin, Page & Co.

What's the frequency Kenneth?
Somewhere in the North Sea, it appears UK FX traders want Britain to remain shackled to the sinking ship known as the Euro Project, perhaps for the highest odds for more bailouts and stimulus?

GBP is tanking on Brexit fears stoked by London Mayor Boris Johnson. Wish him luck. Hopefully Nigel Farage and Johnson will band together to take their country back from the globalists.

The latest fear headline:

Markets, however, are in a cheery mood. It's a Sea of Green today. Asia had a great night, and Europe is up huge.

Elsewhere, here's The Atlantic in its latest incarnation as a geo-political think tank weighing about the price of oil and the potential for Saudi Arabia's demise.

The last time I recall such prognostications was back in 1998 or thereabouts when oil was around $10 per barrel.

"It can’t last. The U.S. better get ready."

It can't?

GBP tanking amid a solid Risk On day. The pound may want 1.35.

Hey wait, why is USD ripping higher? Thought it was "toast and needed PB&J."

(By the way, our "dollar is toast" friend was recently calling for 1300 on the S&P after this bounce is over.....)

Not just lower, but gapping lower.

WTI crude surging higher. NG kinda nowhere still.

Gold backing down on today's feel good rally, yet appears to be forming a large triangle which could resolve in yet higher prices. Too soon to know whether it's really trading on technicals or as-yet-unknown fundamentals.

Silver and platinum following gold's decline, yet copper and palladium higher.

S&P Outlook:
Today should be all about 1947.20.

The internals should then say it all. Wide A/Ds, good ticks, TRIN, volume, and wave structure could lay the foundation for higher targets (still liking the 2000 area potential).

Weak internals might suggest a rollover to lower prices, especially with a close below 1947.20.

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