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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday -- Barclays & BNP Paribas Bet On Hike

S&P E-mini Futures:
Overnight bounce took back much of yesterday's decline.

Bloomberg reported that two of the Fed’s 23 primary dealers -- Barclays Plc and BNP Paribas SA -- are going against the crowd and betting on a surprise rate hike from the Fed on Wednesday.

Bloomberg also noted that it's the first time more than one dealer has gone against the consensus during the week of a policy meeting since last September.

As noted here yesterday, this would be an opportune time for the Fed to regain some much-needed credibility with a surprise rate hike.

Elsewhere, looks like Pot catalogs could be the next big thing:

Today's mix could become rough: JPY and CHF stronger. USD firm.

Still a hot mess, especially given Barclays and Paribas are calling for a Fed surprise hike.

WTI crude edging closer to breaking 43. NG at this moment needs just 4 ticks to blow through the 2.998 high.

Gold, silver, copper, and palladium down. Platinum up slightly.

S&P Outlook:
Today looks like Risk Off may be brewing, yet equity futures are higher. Cash acted terrible yesterday yet didn't fully break down.

Sticking with the previous levels of the 2173.16 78.6% Fib retracement with the gap and volume shelf at 2181.30 above, and the cluster of Fib targets in the 2103.25-2094.55 zone below

Below 2135.91 could be immediate cause for concern.

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