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Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday -- Change Afoot, The Facebook's Buyback, Sarkozy, OPEC

S&P E-mini Futures:
Sharp bounce higher off Friday's sharp end-of-day decline.

A milestone occurred and it struck a cord with me. That Casey Neistat guy whom I've never watched just announced the end of his daily vlogs because they were trapping him creatively.

This followed a gentle nudge a few weeks ago from a friend of mine who hinted I was wasting time writing a blog each day rather than a social mood newsletter.

Then the NY Times weighed in Sunday with

All of this has made me realize that change is in the air and that it's good. I do feel myself getting tired of social media, and I do feel like I want to change directions after four years of daily dispatches now that I'm in the groove of doing them. So perhaps there are new things to come.

The Facebook certainly decided that new things were needed. How about a $6 billion buyback. Think it's got anything to do with recent accusations of ad fraud?

Elsewhere, another globalist bites the dust -- Nicholas Sarkozy suffered an upset in the French primary. All eyes refocus on the Italian referendum December 4th.

USD cooling off after new rally highs above 101. EUR and JPY stronger.

Bottoming tails again.

WTI crude and NG ripping ahead of a expected OPEC decision to lower production.

Silver warning that gold, platinum, palladium, and copper may be green for no reason.

S&P Outlook:
If the market is going to break down, it looks like it will first need to get below 2175. Otherwise it could hover until Thanksgiving.

Friday's closing action was odd -- a sharp slap down. Futures have recovered, but new highs will have me looking at adding more puts soon.

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