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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday -- Still Above Key Levels As Sentiment Darkens

S&P E-mini Futures:
Recovering from overnight decline.

Iron ore and copper down big. Asia and Europe mostly red. Election jitters persist in France as election draws closer with polls narrowing. Anti-euro sentiment building on both sides.

Optimism declining for Trump infrastructure spending along with tax & healthcare reform.

Fourth wave "reality" continues to set in as "surprising disappointment" strikes.

GBP ripping higher on new of PM Teresa May's call for snap elections ahead of Brexit talks.

AUD hit hard on iron ore concern.

Renewed momentum higher after yesterday's decline.

WTI crude and NG down slightly.

Down across the board with copper and palladium hit the hardest.

S&P Outlook:
*Note: Tried writing this during the European close when I usually don't trade anyway, but realize I refer to write before the open. Oh well.

Sentiment feels strongly negative as the wave structure continues to suggest a higher resolution.

Yesterday's strategy paid off with a decent rally. Today must hold above Friday's lows (SPX 2328.95 & NDX 5353.59).

Weak A/Ds thus far and slightly higher down ticks than I'd like to see, but price is holding so far.

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