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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Social Mood Update -- White Heat


Suddenly it's everywhere.

Why all you need this summer is a classic white tee . . .

Why I'll be wearing white this summer . . .

What is in fashion today? Just wearing a white sando . . .

It's time to reconsider white jeans . . .

Why white jeans are this summer's denim staple . . .

How to wear white dresses . . .

Shop the hottest trend of SS15: all white E'RYTHAN . . .

A new way to wear white this summer . . .


Perhaps social mood is sending a message.

Something to watch is the growing influence of Trinidad And Tobago Fashion Week. Yes, the tiny island nation at the far end of the Lesser Antilles.

(If you have any doubts, watch this and be blown away.)

While reading Runway Trends from Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week, this line caught my eye:

Maybe it's the heat that has designers fixated on white.

Maybe it is.

After all, many markets are white hot. Momentum worshipers and trend followers are king. V-bottoms are not a fashion statement but a sure thing for making money -- BTFD!

Maybe it is the heat.

Maybe fashion and financial markets are reflecting the white heat of social mood.

After all, the art market sure is.

A Picasso just broke a record for the most expensive artwork ever sold at an auction ($179 million), and Christie’s just made history by becoming the first auction house to cross the $1 billion mark in total art sales in one week.

Back in May of 2012 (before a 10% correction), bright colors were all the rage, yet window displays at the malls were nearly the same:

Life In Color, Turn Up The Heat

Social mood, like history, may not repeat but simply rhyme. It seems to be doing so now.

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