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Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday -- Op-Ex & Four Witches

ES Futures:
Holding yesterday's gains.

Op-ex today. Quad Witching, too. So be careful. More below...

As expected, Greek banks runs are foiling any hope for Game Theory.

China down another 6%. Can still fall further and have nothing wrong with it.

USD & JPY firmer, EUR and AUD weaker.

Issues remain. Sloppy charts. Prices still look vulnerable but perhaps not just yet.

WTI crude and NG both weaker. Crude failed to hold 60.

Gold is either hours away from another rollover, or slowly building the wave structure for 1232.

S&P Outlook:
A good day yesterday -- above the gap, volume shelf, and 2121.92 swing point. Failed to close above the swing point, but good action nonetheless. Even breadth (A/Ds) and ticks played along.

So where are we now? Possibly in wave "A" of an ABC to a new high (2150 area). If correct, "B" could start at any time. And 2072.49 should not be messed with. In fact, if price gets below 2106.79 without a new high, run.

After all, it's Quad Witching. For starters, SPY went ex-dividend overnight for $1.07.

Still want to use SPY for technical analysis?

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