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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday -- Capitalism Vs Central Banking, Ring Of Fire, Uranium

S&P E-mini Futures:
Chop chop lower.

World Economic Forum -- "Capitalism needs urgent reform."

It sure does.

End central banking. End fractional-reserve banking. End "bail-ins" of depositors (now legally "junior bondholders"). End market speculation by banks.

Meanwhile the world awaits Trump's 11am press conference. I wish him every success but feel he's inheriting a noose around his neck.

Continue to think the Ring Of Fire is trying to tell us something:

Source: USGS
So might Bitcoin. Down over 11% currently. Supposedly on China launching a manipulation investigation of Bitcoin exchanges. Stay tuned in case it's animal spirits on the retreat. Yields and German bunds are ratcheting higher as Italian and Spanish yields are calm.

The "Russian" news gets weirder and weirder. All of it fake. BS.

Wondered why uranium stocks went nuts yesterday. "Uranium surged the most in more than three weeks as Kazakhstan said it will reduce production by 10 percent this year after prices slumped in 2016 amid a global inventory glut," per Bloomberg.

Or was it this story?

"No major commodity had a worse 2016 than uranium. In fact, the element used to make nuclear fuel has had a pretty dismal decade."

That's a huge socionomic buy signal.

Love it.

Non-correlations abound. Worst hit is EUR. USD higher on light volume.

Conforming to the triangle thesis thus far.

WTI crude choppy bounce. 49.95 needs to hold.

NG's rally still well above recent sharp lows yet giving back some.

Gold higher, the others red.

S&P Outlook:
2264.06 held. A higher volume shelf around 2280 got tested . . . and failed.

Still thinking something like this:

Gaps at 2257.83 and 2238.83 and the volume shelf at the 2250 are still viable targets.

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